Welcome to Vestavia Hills Pediatric Dentistry!

We truly feel that is it a privilege to serve Vestavia Hills and the surrounding communities. Since 2011, our goal is to provide exceptional oral health care for children as well as give them (and you) the educational tools needed to keep them smiling for a lifetime!

Every patient is unique with different needs and that is why we strive to build relationships with the entire family. It is our mission to help raise up a generation that values good oral habits, prevention and early detection. To achieve this, we create a welcoming and caring atmosphere that promotes positive dental experiences.

Everyone at Vestavia Hills Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to making you feel welcome. When visiting our office, your child will always see the same dentist. This establishes a sense of familiarity and trust, which puts your child at ease. We also encourage parents to be present during cleanings and treatment visits.